Saturday, June 6, 2015

Isabella Fürnkäs: 秘密 / A DIACHRONIC HOME

6 June 2015 through 6 July 2015
Opening reception Saturday 6 June 2015, 6-9pm

Curated by Stephen Tong 

秘密 / A Diachronic Home is a solo exhibition by Isabella Fürnkäs, featuring two works “Diachronic Home” and “Vice Versa."

“Diachronic Home” is a four channel video installation. The family’s bookshelves laden with philosophical and literary works, festooned with the accretion of a life spent between cultures. These shelves serve as backdrops in the manner of still life paintings static and motionless. The contemplative silence of the shelves is disrupted by the interjection of attempts to query the world and the objects within it. Along with voices reading excerpts from Elias Canetti, Franz Kafka, Junichiro Tanizaki, Kobo Abe, Marcel Proust, Marshall McLuhan, Michel Foucault, Oscar Wilde, Robert Musil, Roland Barthes, Ryunosuke Akutagawa, Samuel Beckett. Read by Juan Antonio Olivares, Kaoli Mashio, Lukas von der Gracht, Daniella Séville and filmed with Moritz Krauth and Magdalena Kita.

 “Vice Versa” is a two channel video installation, with monitors resting on a mattress. As in “Diachronic Home” a stream of images moves across the screens, as if recollection of half remembered dreams. A disjointed conversation between male and female voice, threads its way through the syncopated typology of the videos.

Special thanks to Jordan Milner who kindly agreed to enact the performative aspect of the work on the opening night, as performed by Lukas von der Gracht.

Isabella Fürnkäs (*1988, Tokyo) studies at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, with Andreas Gursky and Keren Cytter. She has shown and curated internationally.