Thursday, April 1, 2021


1 April 2021 through 9 May 2021

Organized by Christopher Brayshaw & Steven Tong

Ana Vojnovic works as an educator, artist, design researcher and a lecturer. Her pedagogical and art practices are an interdisciplinary response to urban conditions, and questions of how built/designed environments affect and condition human perception, our responses to designed circumstances and the ways we engage with each other.

Through her hand-drawn compositions and collage analysis, Ana narrates the inter-relations and intimacy between geometric language and space, and indirectly proposes multiple ways one can perceive and experience the work.

While her drawings and collage pieces are guided by the unexpectedness of inspiration and inner vision, they are performed through a deliberate, rhythmic re-working of compositional elements. As such, Ana’s work offers multi-layered engagement, one of a soothing dynamic and the activation of temporal images revealed within the white space.

For additional information on Ana’s practice and additional work(s), please visit her artist website