Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Alina Senchenko: Праця та відпочинок (WORK AND LEISURE)

12 April 2019 through 12 May 2019
Reception for the artist Friday 12 April 2019, 6-9pm

Vasyl wakes up every day at 5:30 AM, boils some water for coffee, two eggs and a slice of rye bread with kovbasa and cheese. He looks out the window and waits for the sound of the train that is scheduled to come by at 5:45 AM. The sound fills the small kitchen. The windows tremble. Still looking out, rows of chestnut trees are full bloom now, into the street where Natalia Oleksandivna in an orange safety vest swipes the pavement with an old wooden broom. The air is filled with spring.

Leaning before a row of peaches, Olena closes her eyes, inhales a scent of her childhood vocations: the mix of peaches and pine. She buys two peaches before walking on her own for the first time down the road towards the sea. The heat causes the road around her to shimmer, towards the beach.

Alina Senchenko is a Ukrainian artist living and working in Vancouver, Canada. She graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design.
In the past few years, Senchenko has examined the cultural, social structures of contemporary society, with an interest in the urban and rural spaces that we create and occupy. The current Ukrainian political situation is a preoccupation of her practice. Senchenko’s practice primarily focuses on photographs, found images, text, collage, and performance.